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12.05.03 - version 1.3 is now finally complete. Additions since v1.2:
- map now is more multiplayer-friendly;
- 2 new, very unusual, trigger-coded weapons : Wisp Gun and FlameThrower;
- 3 powerups that boost their owner's stats: Quad Damage, Regeneration and Invulnerability;
- up to 15 bot players are supported (up from 11 in v1.2 and 7 in v1.0)
- enhanced statistics (deaths and suicides are now tracked);
- improved AI, 15 Insane skilled bots are now almost unbeatable...
- fixed many minor issues (unit autoselection now working properly, some timer related bugs, and more...)

23.03.03 - fixed a bug that haven't allowed to play any multiplayer games.

09.03.03 - fixed an error when some files are downloaded with errors and not recognized by Warcraft (although they had correct file size).

06.03.03 - version 1.2 is finally released. Here is brief changes list:
- added in-game GUI options menu in replacement of console commands;
- a new, redesigned map, which I think is more balanced now (BFG is now harder to access);
- many weapon balance changes;
- a new weapon added, the Ligntning Gun;
- much more powerful AI. It is now very hard to defeat 11 Insane level bots...

Also, the [Rules] page is done.

27.01.03 - made an English version of site.

18.01.03 - version 1.0 release.

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