Warcraft Arena

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Game rules.

The main goal of the game is to kill your opponents by any means possible. At the beginning of each match every player is given a unit, which respawns in case of his death. So, your task is to explore the arena, finding better weapons, healing yourself and fragging anyone you see. The first person who scores a certain amount of frags, or just the person with the most frags after a certain period of time wins the match!

Every respawned unit is given 125 hit points, this amount slowly decreases over time until it reaches 100. If a unit has less than 100 HP, he can heal himself by picking up medkits, which look like blue magic runes in the game. To pick up a medkit, you need just to approach it. Medkits respawn in 10 seconds after they're picked up.

There are 3 different powerup artifacts in the game. They look like ordinary weapons, but are not placed in your hero's inventory and are used immediatly. They provide certain bonuses for a period of 30 seconds. These artifacts are:
- Quad Damage - multiplies all damage done by your hero 4 times.
- Regeneration - adds 15 hp to your hero's health every second, up to a maximum of 125 hp.
- Invulnerability - makes your hero completely immune to all weapons.

All powerups respawn 45 seconds after being picked up.

Weapons look in the game just as usual treasure chests. When a new weapon type is picked up, it is placed in your hero's inventory, where you can read more about it by pointing your mouse over it.
To switch weapons, simply use the item that corresponds to desired weapon type.
If an "autoswitch" parameter is set, weapons will change automatically each time you pick up a weapon.
Every weapon picked up from its' spawn point respawns in 5 seconds after being picked up.
When fragging an opponent, his current weapon will drop out of him and could be picked up by anyone. The only exception of this rule is Shotgun: it is never dropped.
Every weapon except a Shotgun, has a limited ammo supply. Your current weapon's ammo is displayed as mana. When a weapon runs out of ammo, it is automatically changed to another weapon. To replenish your ammo supply for certain weapon, just pick up another weapon of same type, either from its' spawn point or from slain opponents.

The Guns.
- Shotgun (SG) - this default weapon is issued to any respawned player. It is the weakest weapon in the game. Its' only advantage is an infinite ammo supply.

- Rocket Launcher (RL) - fires deadly rockets that inflict damage to the whole area. Has a very good damage rating and is hard to dodge.
Ammo count on pickup - 10, max ammo - 50.

- Plasma Gun (PG) - fires bursts of fast-moving balls of hot plasma. Although it is extermely powerful and can kill an enemy in less than a second, it is almost useless against moving targets because it has a very little splash damage, so it is easy to evade.
Ammo count on pickup - 50, max ammo - 200.

- Lightning Gun (LG) - emits a continious electric beam. Not so powerful as the Plasma Gun, but it is completely impossible to dodge the lightning, so it is extremely useful against moving targets.
Ammo count on pickup - 50, max ammo - 200.

- Big Fucking Gun (BFG) - a really big one. Deals an incredibly amount of damage on a large area. It is the only weapon (except the new WiG) that can kill a fresh opponent with one shot. The only drawback of BFG is long cooldown time, so BFG carrier is very vulnerable between shots.
Ammo count on pickup - 5, max ammo - 15.

- Wisp Gun (WiG) - a grenade launcher that launches Wisps as grenades. Launched wisps explode after a few seconds, blasting everything in a huge radius. Wisps also explode when they're damaged, causing impressive chain reactions.
The most powerful weapon in the game.
Ammo count on pickup - 5, max ammo - 15.

- FlameThrower (FT) - fires short bursts of flame. Anyone ignited by this fire will suffer for 5 seconds. Very useful against multiple enemies.
Ammo count on pickup - 25, max ammo - 100.

At first, Warcraft: Arena was designed as a multi-player scenario, but later, a computer players (bots) support was added to the game.
In version 1.0 bots are rather weak, but in v1.2 (and even more in v1.3) they are hard to defeat both in 1v1 duel and in 12-player FFA.
There are 3 bot skill levels in game. In map select screen, you can choose different skilled bots by assigning Computer(Easy), Computer(Normal) Computer(Insane) players to player slots. Since version 1.2, bots can be easily configured during the game using the GUI options menu, which is accessible by pressing Escape key.

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