Warcraft Arena

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Console commands.

To enter commands, press Enter during the game.
Note: all commands except "autoswitch" work only for 1st (red) player.
Usage of built-in Warcraft3 cheats (such as "iseedeadpeople") is not recommended as it can lead to various issues (especially in AI system).
In v1.3 most of these commands have been removed, because all game settings are customizable through configuration menu.

Cheat codes (disabled if there are more than 1 human players in the game):
god - god mode on/off.
noclip - passing through obstacles on/off.
map - disable fog of war.
cam_follow - enable/disable camera locking to your unit (on by default, unlocking camera is considered cheating).
cam_turn - enable/disable camera turning after your unit (3rd person mode) (off by default).

Game settings:
fraglimit n - set fraglimit (number of kills required for victory) to n (n - integer value, value of 0 disables fraglimit). Default value is 20.
timelimit n - set countdown timer to n minutes (n - integer value, value of 0 disables timer). Default value is 5 min.
kick n - remove player number n (1=red, 2=blue etc.) from the game, scoring him a defeat.
restart - restart the match (without actual reloading of the map). All game settings are kept from previous game.
autorestart - enable/disable automatic execution of "restart" command at the end of each match (instead of ending the game). (off by default)
autoswitch - enable/disable automatic weapon switch to a newly picked weapon. (off by default)
savecfg - save your current game settings (fraglimit, autoswitch etc.) to file. When map starts, previously saved settings replace default ones. This command is also executed automatically at the end of each match.

stats - view game statistics (games played, games won, total frags).
stats_reset - reset all statistics to 0.

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